Friday, March 25, 2016


I received the first 3D rough from 3 Coconut Monkey a few days after I sent my artwork in. They asked if they were on the right track and even tho I was thrilled with the rough model I knew I would have to make some tough decisions regarding the direction of the figure. The first thing I noticed was that the squarish blocky trunks were now form-fitting trunks. The rectangular boots that made sense in 2D didn't read as well in 3D. Also the flatness of the hair in 2D would be an issue in 3D. A lot of things would need to be addressed in upcoming weeks but for now I was happy with the powerful body they created for Boko. Next up: Revisions!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


When I exhibited at DesignerCon two years ago, my neighbor was Edgar of 3 Coconut Monkey, a company that manufactures action figures and toys. I saw Edgar at DesignerCon again last year and we talked about working on a project together. I began to tell him what kind of a figure I could probably afford and he stopped me right there. He said, "Forget about money. Don't limit yourself. What figure do you REALLY want to make?" The first thing to pop into my head was Battle Boko, the mighty Berserker King! Edgar and I discussed the project over dinner a few weeks later. A few months after that I sent him the above artwork and we were underway!